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My son is dating a girl i don t like

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My husband followed suit, but most important of all, we always supported our son's choices. It is a recipe for a painful relationship, potential cheating , and not worth his time. You might follow his response with some guidance that relationships should feel good and safe and should progress at a pace that is comfortable for both partners. Initial reports around the country were greeted by skepticism. I had to mete out my response carefully. Do not allow yourself to get defensive or angry or threatening. Short of teenagers involved in dangerous relationships, restricting whom you allow your teen to date is rarely a practical approach. Really listen to what he has to say. You want your adult child to be happy and safe. People who are vain will tend to focus their energy on creating a picture of what looks good rather than developing the heart and authentic friendships. Getting the attention of the wrong girl is one of these instances. State your concerns seriously and thoughtfully — once. If you choose to be rude and unwelcoming, this girl will do the same. Your child will always be your child. Now, give him a chance to use some of what he learned in order to recover from making a bad choice. C Wait for them to ask you what you think, and only really tell them what you think once you've spent some time with the potential love of their lives. There are plenty out there.

My son is dating a girl i don t like

For the other side of this equation, see here. Twice I caught her trying to convince my son to sneak out of his room for a midnight rendezvous, and my son even confided in me that she was pressuring him to have sex — even though he didn't feel ready. The relationship will only end in frustration and disappointment, perhaps worse. We knew early on that the relationship was unhealthy. Find out how she understands their romance and what she sees in their future. He would ask for my opinion about her, and I would give it — with caution. If you force your child to choose between yourself and the love of his life, you will lose. On the other hand, I was concerned for my child's well-being. If there are children in the picture, focus on them. Maybe, the answer is no. Was All Your Teaching a Waste? Will she be good for him? Check out her book, Unlocking the Secrets of Self-Esteem. When young people are crazy in love, it can seem really crazy to the adults around them. If only it were sensible. You two do not have to be alike, have the same habits, priorities or opinions. The girl would ignore my son for a week, then reel him back in with sweet words and promises. Or do you dislike the idea of him getting involved with a partner who brings a reputation to the relationship? Have them over for dinner, try to get to know them, before you bring down the; "you must never see that kid again" a la Romeo and Juliet. The reality was that aside from moving out of state and who knows if that would have worked, anyway , I had to give my son the room to understand the relationship on his own. I would talk with her and often give her advice as well. Is your love for your child bigger or smaller than your commitment to an opinion, a belief or value system? Really listen to what he has to say. He initially announced the great gold hope in the streets and then he sent publications east. I was going to protect him even if he wouldn't protect himself. When your son brings home a girlfriend, here are ways to develop positive rapport. Questions to Connect App.

My son is dating a girl i don t like

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