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Jones sewing machine dating

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There can be fewer more stunning machines than this. Alex's stories are now available to keep. Well that's it for Jones sewing machines folks, most of what I know and have collected over these last few decades. I have a make, model and serial number but how do I find out when the machine was made? One of the prettiest of all Victorian hand machines and very collectable today. This is a Norwegian advert circa The Jones sewing machine company was one of the oldest sewing machine companies in the world and by they were still updating and expanding their factory with a brand new purpose built administration block. This is something that Singers never did. On Singer machines the serial number is very useful. Jones, like so many greats including Singer had just a few years manufacturing left in Great Britain. Jones sewing machines were sold all over Europe. From Sewing Machines we have had with manuals from which you can get a date to data collected via the Internet here is a very rough guide you can use to estimate the age of your Jones Sewing Machine. This was unlike the great Singer factory in Scotland where production of sewing machines ceased for the duration. They have given every satisfaction both in dressmaking and sewing of undergarments.

Jones sewing machine dating

Whiteleys Universal Serial No. Photographs and descriptions will help greatly as model numbers are of little value. Any company ordering more than machines could have their own name on the Jones machine. At this point plastic surgery is imminent! Jones sewing machines were sold all over Europe. During WWII the Jones factory carried on producing sewing machines for the war effort but also produced uniforms and parachutes. Out of all the Jones models, probably the one that is the most synonymous with Jones, is the family model known as the Serpentine, due to the sweep of the neck matching a bend in the famous London lake. A Jones Sewing Machine is a high quality product and vast numbers survive to this day. Bren guns were made and ammunition in massive quantities, some 20 million bullets per week rolled off the production lines. The colours are brilliant green and turquoise blue, a combination we have also seen not only on Jones machines and those badged for the Co-op but also machines of Jones origin which have been badged as Bradbury's. One final point worth repeating is that the Jones Sewing Machine Company would mark their machines with many names such as 'The Lightning' or 'The Favourite'. You cannot get a much higher recommendation than that! If you ordered more than machines you could have your own name put on the machine. I do hope you find it useful. Eclipse sewing machine, sorry about the crooked picture, the paper I scanned was in bits. The balance wheel has a square edge with no indentation for a treadle belt. Federation badge to the bed. The metal work is still bright and mechanically it hardly makes a sound! Royal Appointment was a big deal and lead to many orders from Jones Sewing Machines. Jones originally in or around started with a simply numeric list of serial numbers for all their machines. There is extensive pitting to the bed, but the decals are reasonable and it is mechanically sound. Click on the picture for more information. Dating to around it has beautiful floral decals and a scrolled C. Let me get my glasses, ok, here it is, This machine was in grim condition when we found it, see the Restoration Page.

Jones sewing machine dating

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