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Jewish vegetarian dating service

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Yes I have written a play and am crafting a screenplay. It's wonderful right where I am, and I hope to meet you, my true partner-to-be, either here or in a 'place' of an openness to moving here. I've been to 37 of 50 states, and I plan to hit all 50 before I'm I recently changed careers and am starting a new job as a registered dietitian after spending the last 3 years completing an intense 2 years of undergrad to earn a second bachelor's degree and then completing a hour internship while also working on a Master of Science degree in nutrition and passing an intense exam. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? I also really love to travel, especially abroad, and love studying foreign languages. I did a fair amount of backpacking in my 20s and would love to get back into travelling once my children have flown the nest. Although I prefer the countryside, I enjoy the odd trip to art galleries, museums and theatres. It's cool that you climbed Mt. I actually am charming and witty and fun or so I've been told! I plan to become a beekeeper like my grandmother was. My spiritual life is big; I am given to continuous prayer and reflection though I don't feist it on another. Ordinariness takes on sacredness when we spend time alone, doesn't it? I adore the sweetness and intelligence of canines, goats, horses, deer, you name it.

Jewish vegetarian dating service

I cherish both reverence and surrender AND so long as mind is in service of the heart the holy 'irreverence' of independent critical thinking and of questioning authority. I'm not really into team sports and I could live without the NFL, MLB or NBA, but I do enjoy staying active, whether that's lifting weights, doing yoga, training in Krav Maga, hiking, camping, walks with my dog or anything else outdoors. I am a wildlife photographer and printer. I try to meditate every morning. Some of my favorite things: It is about authenticity and honoring each moment, however beautiful or painful. Equally, if you don't like Jews or African Americans or women who own their power or gays or "immigrants" or any other minorities and 'others' who differ I would definitely not be your man. I constantly work on improving my health and well being and have also taken classes at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. I actually am charming and witty and fun or so I've been told! As I am having my own vegetarian roots and I was never convinced about otherwise I kept my roots still feeding me and therefore I am here to see if I can find someone who can adjust and appreciate my lifestyle. I am open to receive messages as location is not a problem and I have friends from almost every part of the world. I'm a Marine Corps veteran with degrees in nutrition and literature. I have been vegan for 4 years and living a vegan lifestyle is very important to me as is living a healthy lifestlye in general. I take good care of my body dry brushing, apple cider vinegar, supplements, intelligent eating; at this time I do eat happy-chicken eggs from farmers I know, and wild-caught salmon from Alaska. I will never answer a phone call when I am in a conversation, or having a meal together, or. Everest and all super cool, actually , but when it comes down to it for one another, I want to know I can count on you to meet me on that level, as you can count on me to meet you. I value honesty and integrity. I enjoy hiking, , farmer's markets, and being out in nature. Yes I have written a play and am crafting a screenplay. While listening to a Tedtalk or informative utube, or to nature. Having moved much and many times in my life, I am not open to relocating to another city or state. A River Ran Through it, Memoir of a Geisha,The English Patient, shorts from all countries that don't always have the American requisite of a happy ending tied up with a bow. I love to laugh. They play all the time, only have eyes for each other, keep the creative fires smoldering, trust one another, and after all their years together, their romantic and sexual connection is clearly VERY alive! I have a M. From my experience the all raw food diet is the healthiest diet. You can't rush a sunrise.

Jewish vegetarian dating service

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