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Dating with hsv 1

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Plus, lambskin doesn't protect against STDs , only pregnancy. Then, while surfing the Web for information on the latest herpes medication , I stumbled across a web site for people with herpes. This brings to mind some of the best sexual advice ever written: That being said, there's always a risk that any future random sexual partner could have it and NOT disclose it to you, and then you get it anyway. Ever use a lambskin tongue condom? I didn't date for awhile, but inevitably, I met someone. It's up to you. However I still do not want genital herpes. Right Online Eventually, I met a man online who lived only three miles from me. If a condom is used, can we have oral sex and not risk getting herpes? Some doctors will encourage you to, others say you only owe anyone use of a condom and are not obligated to disclose, not even type 2. Good for you for educating yourself! Or from platonic kissing at a family gathering.

Dating with hsv 1

I've had the blood tests, so I know for a fact that I'm negative. Should I tell my partner he or she gave me herpes? She got it from kissing family members at a Christmas party. From what I've read, there does not seem to be a connection between HSV-2 which mostly causes genital herpes but can cause oral herpes. So just pointing out again here that even if you don't date this particular woman, if you're going to date anyone there's a fairly high chance of exposure. Thank you for taking the time to write this piece it was insightful. August 16, at 6: The real issue is down the road. It was a relief not to worry about when to bring up my medical history, and to bond with a guy over asymptomatic shedding instead of having to explain it. Your observation about distilling someone down to an infection was spot on. If you use a rubber and never hook up during outbreaks, you should be fine. It was hard enough to face the fact that we'd had sex , or tried to, and it was much harder to cope with the fact that I had caught an incurable sexually transmitted disease. Herpes I believe I most likely contracted it from my mother as a child. One day, my new beau reassured me, "I'm disease-free, I just got tested. August 5, at 7: Something about contagious disease itself is inherently frightening. This was also many years ago and I was pretty ignorant about not only this particular virus and how common it is, but how our bodies in general are full of all kinds of viruses and bacteria and assorted passengers. Continued Finding Help and Support There are dozens of web sites that provide online support and information for people with herpes. She's right about it not being that big a deal. Many feature chat rooms, bulletin boards, treatment information, personal ads, and social groups around the world. If you have genital herpes, it hangs out at the base of the spine instead. I disclosed; it was a couple months into the relationship. If you end up getting married and wanting to have kids with this girl or something, at some point you'll have to risk riding bareback. September 20, at Many people are unaware they have it, because they don't experience symptoms or because they attribute the symptoms to something else. I'm in no position of moral superiority, never having dealt with herpes nor with your dilemma. However, the use of protection and sexual pleasures without the presence of an outbreak can significantly bring down the risk and allow you to enjoy the moment.

Dating with hsv 1

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