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Dating m1 helmet liners

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This type of helmet was re-designated in as the Helmet, Steel, No 2, Mark 1. Some of the imported helmets had a helmet plate with the Norwegian coat of arms affixed to the front. The French helmets are known as "Adrians," after their inventor. The fur coats, as they did last year, mean mitigation of the rigours of winter. The original paint scheme, suggested by Brodie, was a mottled light green, blue, and orange camouflage but they were also painted in green or blue-grey. The Mark I remained in Norwegian service throughout the interwar period , alongside Swedish helmets acquired in the s. In , a rubber ring or "doughnut" was added between the liner and the top of the shell, and in , the liner and chinstrap were modified to make them removable. M Civil Defense Helmet: It could withstand a. The use of clasps is postwar. It was decided to introduce a number of improvements, and from May, supplies of the modified helmet, designated the Mark I, began to arrive.

Dating m1 helmet liners

The straps and the A washers: The grey finish suggests that it was issued to one of the civil defence services. ET marked Chinese M35s should have this style script The helmets the Chinese received from Germany were identical to the helmets the Germans themselves wore. The United States government initially purchased some , helmets from Britain. The helmets were identical to the British original, except that the rubber "bumper" pads in the lining were only fitted to horizontal helmet band and not to the vertical bands. British helmet production at that time was giving priority to their own forces, however the Director of Munitions Supply was able to source a commercially produced version of the Brodie helmet, originally intended to be sold to British officers at the time when helmets were in short supply. Helmet, Steel, M1C, Parachutists A second variation of the M1 steel helmet designated the M-1C was also issued to paratroopers, with a padded chin strap and a system that kept the liner and shell together during a jump. The helmet has a chin strap "bail" or "bale" -- a rectangular wire loop -- on each side attached with either a hinge or welded directly to the helmet. Chinese soldier wearing an enamel cap badge applied to the side of his helmet instead of a painted insignia. Helmet nets were issued or made in the unit from large camouflage nets. Army Infantryman in wearing Brodie helmet From , the Mark I Brodie helmet was fitted with an improved liner and an elasticated actually, sprung webbing chin strap. However straps OD 3 can be found in rear seam late war examples too. All other high pressure liner: In both cases the straps are stitched to the loops. World War II helmets had khaki early or OD 7 late webbing chin straps while the liners of the same period had leather chin straps. Early production went to the ARP services, the fire brigade and the police. Cotton cord camouflage netting was frequently attached to the helmet to hold materials leaves, branches that help break up its outline. It had a separate, folded rim, a two-part liner, and matt khaki paint finished with sand, sawdust, or crushed cork to give a dull, non-reflective appearance. This made it more resistant to projectiles but it offered less protection to the lower head and neck than other helmets. Cases have occurred in which the wearers have been hit, but saved by these helmets from what without them would have meant certain death. Following extensive tests by Ordnance engineers, a new release device was developed which would release at a pull of 15 pounds or more. See also WW2 Books. In , the M-1 "steel pot" helmet was adopted as a replacement in all the US armed services, although it did not become universal for at least another year. Several distinguishing characteristics are noted to determine the period of an M-1 helmet: The French helmets are known as "Adrians," after their inventor. At the outbreak of World War I , none of the combatants provided steel helmets to their troops. The strap remained fastened under the impact of a blast wave resulting from a nearby detonation, thereby jerking the head sharply and violently with the production of fractures or dislocations of the cervical vertebras.

Dating m1 helmet liners

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